Have you ever had been all over the place? I have lots of things going on in my head. let’s talk about my cleaning ADHD. I will be working on dishes, ok I have to leave that soak. Ok, we will clean the stove, oh damn there is this cup in the living room. Oh man, this stand needs to be cleaned, so cleaning the living room, goes to the bathroom. Oh yuck, the toilet is not cleaned. An hour later I forgot about my soaking dishes, I do a load of dishes. The water is lukewarm. I don’t know how, I did it, but three hours later my house is super clean. That is the best thing about ADHD.

Let’s talk about me writing my blog. That is a great one, I will turn on a game show or a documentary. The reason that is, because I have to have background noise, But I get into the show then watch that for 10 min. Or oh man I have to check my Avon group. Oooohhhh yea I am working on my blog. I get a phone call, then walk away. Oh shit, I forgot my blog, 30 min later. Or damn I messed up on that sentence, so delete the whole paragraph then start over. Damn it I forgot that period, delete the whole sentence. Ok, finally my blog is to almost perfection. I never get it perfect. An hour later I write a 4 paragraph blog. That only should have taken me 10 min. But it does get done, I do hope people like it.

What about my art session. I will start with wiring, oh man I can do that with this project. Walk away from the wiring, in the middle of working on my project. I am going to start my diamond arts. then realize I can hot glue this. Oh man, I was wiring, so I finish that and continue my diamond arts, it is a process.

I am sure you notice my ADHD in my blog. I try to make it less ADHD, but it never slows down. My brain thinks there is no rest in my life, that is ok I enjoy the never slowed down. I will not change it for anything, Well, I got to go for now. I will be posting again tomorrow I hope you enjoy it.

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