Adulting isnt as easy as you thought it was as a kid. I remeber always getting upset, why do I have to do dishes? Mom just sits around doing nothing, while I am doing dishes, sweeeping the floor, etc.. Now that I am a adult, I relize it actually is not that easy, cause you relize the stuggle of working. Or the struggle of paying your own bills uuuugggghhh is my response to that. When my parents told me it wont be fun to get mail when you become a adult, well they were right. I get a peice of mail and it states this hospital bill is going into your credit, or the electric bill.

Have you ever wanted to just pick up and go for a vacation, when you decide you want to do it, you just want to pack and go. But I have become a little older, and had a child then the normal life sturggles. So it is not so easy to be as speratic. My moment was today lol. I was gettting ready for a shower, and then a romantic get away sounded amazing with my spouse. I wanted to just pack up ane leave. The worst part was he pointed out we have plans, cause everyone goes back to work monday, we have to take our weekends to visit our working friends. Then you are heartbroken for a second then you just tell yourself that it is time to plan a romantic getaway.

Oh man lefts talk about the pain and aches. I tell my son to not beat up your body or it will be worst. It is so funny getting off the couch, I groan cause my knees are in pain moving, or stiff. The aches are to just say hey you, you are getting older, I am going to remind you when you move. Then I tell it you are not the boss of me lol.

The funny, and best parts of becoming older, or a parent. I love going into the store, with one of my best friends teenage daughter. My best friend and I, will act like fools, and loud. Or oh the touching and playing with all the toys. The toy thing is alot of me though cause, I am a child at heart, and it is not a normal child. No I have to upgrade it to a adhd. I do have alot of calm days. I will get into adhd moments in another blog. I cant tell you everything now.

Remeber dont mind the grammar and spelling, I didnt pass the grammar class, lol.

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