Have you had multiple hobbies? I know I do, I want to tell you about my hobbies today. You will see how my brain works a bit with these hobbies.

My first hobby that I do enjoy the most, but don’t do it often enough. I love to write, it seems like, I can go into any world I want. It makes me feel relaxed, your writing depends on your moods really, at least mine are. I love to share my feelings, because it is like I get to get it out in my writing. Writing is my zen, but I do have a lot of things that can put me in my zen. I always have weird facts, and weird thoughts in my head, they come all day, so I think others should hear the thoughts I think. Sometimes it comes out wrong, it can offend others, as my friends are saying you need to learn to english. So my writing I don’t have to know how to english. I can say stuff in my writing, and if it offends you then, I look at it as if you don’t like what I write move along. I use to write out all my drama, but I finally have started to exit out of drama, so now I get to write about happy thoughts, and I enjoy doing that, in these blogs you will see my upset days, but I will never go into detail what is going on in my life.

My second hobby is, wiring I have been practicing, and just started so I have not gotten to far. It is hard to stay concentrated when you cant figure out what to do. So I have to do something else for a few, and think about why you cant get past the obsiticial you have finishing the project. I do have to youtube a lot, No shame lol. I can sit, and spend a few hours at a time, then I have to do something else. I always have the t.v. going so that helps me take time when I need to. Plus I cant do quiet for some reason. continuing on.

My third hobby, I love doing diamond arts. I love to color but my tremors are getting so bad that I cant color. So the diamond arts kind of replaces coloring. I am such a perfectionist, and I don’t have to worry about going out of the lines. plus the diamond arts look sooo much cooler, only because it sparkles. It takes a lot of patients, but that is the best way. It helps me slow my brain down, it is always doing its own thing. I can control it with diamond arts due to it keeping me so concentrated. It is nice to have a down time a little for my brain, I am sure it does go over its over drive mode. The sparkling from the diamonds make you more addicted. I have a few I need to frame, and hang up this blog reminded me that, so I figured I would share that fact to everyone. well continuing on to the next hobbie.

My fourth hobby is cooking, I love to cook. I get to show off one my best art. That is my cooking. I get to turn my music on put my earbuds in. I get to dance around the kitchen, and look like a idiot, having fun doing it. Just so my friends and family that read my blogs, I am happy to reinsure you I cook fully clothed, I just needed to make that stated lol. I try to have help, but it is very hard for people to help me, due to I need to make sure it is done right. Or I have a better way of doing it. This is a bad habit I have in the kitchen. I do have to say that 90 to 95% of my food comes out awesome. I am a little conceded to when it comes down to my cooking. It is hard to find food at restaurants you can fully enjoy. Don’t get me wrong I do like going out, because I get too lazy to cook, and clean up. I love to cook for other people, cause I know everyone is happy when they eat a good meal. I want to tryout for masterchef so maybe soon we can afford to get me there, that is a lifetime goal of mine. Chef Ramsey is my idol I would love to cook for him, and shake his hand one time.

My fifth hobby is refurbishing furniture, this is a new hobby. I have enjoyed it alot. The best part of it is you can use old furniture, to make your house look better. I have done a few projects, they have been loved by everyone so far. I am so nit picky I will look at it, and I find a mistake a lot, but you are always your worst critic. This is such a recent hobby that I am not fully confident in my work yet, but I am getting more confidents. Like I said I have a crazy brain, it is all over the place, I cant ever just have one project going or I get bored. I have had a lot of awesome feed back on my refurbishing items so that is good. I don’t have much more to say about this hobby.

Well I do have more hobbies but you will get them all as I go on. I hope you continue reading, and that I haven’t bored you yet. Please leave feedback in comments, I would like to hear your opinions on my blogs.

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