One big, like I mean big challange. Having a child it is up and down with them. Ik my kid comes out and does stupid stuff, and you think in your head what made you do that, or what in the hell made you think that, or think why did you say that. The worst thing is kids are very expensive, no one maybe I did get warned but I did not listen lol. They are the best thing that can happen to you, and you love them with all your heart. My son can be the funniest kid you can know, he is super cute, but he can be the most annoying person I know.

Then the second worst is grocery shopping, have you been in those grocerie stores. The people though, they snarel, they look at you are horrible, so you laugh that off. Oooohhhh the family reunions in the middle of the isle, you stand there and they act like they dont see you, so I say rudly EXCUSE ME, why not be curtias enough to move out of the way. Or you walk past that person that stinks, or just is wearing too much fregrance, so you try to be discreat but walk away as quick as you can. Or when you get behind someone that walks super slow and walks right in the middle of the lane so you have to walk there speed and then they stop to look at something look at you and smile, so you smile back and say I need past you. I am sure you understand what I mean.

Well that is my few life challanges there will be more!! Warning my grammer, spelling and englishing sux but I want to share, some thoughts I hope you engoy!!

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