I love music if I need time to myself, but everyone is home. I put my headphones in, turn them all the way up. Oh man, t is so amazing to listen to music. I dance around cleaning, singing. Everyone in my house I am sure is laughing at my singing. I tell I know I sound like shit. But I get into that zone. The beat of the music takes over. It is crazy that the music is different. Music is good therapy.

Have you ever think listening is turning our kids. I don’t but, at the same time, do. Why I say that is kids look at these musicians. If you sit and listen to these lyrics, sometimes I have to skip some songs, it can change my moods. There is really horrible music, the lyrics are what can hit deep. I know it does with me. One type of music angers me if I have to sit and listen to it for a long period of time. That is opera could be the high pitch or the way their voices raise. So this is possible with adults so children it is the t, only cause they feel they need a famous idol.

What about these songs killing people. I can’t lie and say that there isn’t a song about killing. That does make people think that killing is ok. But is it really worth it, to follow these artists? The ones that make breaking the law is good. Some of these songs are instigating gang rivals. like I said I do like music like this. I just wish everyone would look at it, as it, is a way to get it all out of your system. I use it as a way to get it out of my system, only cause I can be loud singing, and scream it.

Oh the song that gets me is the N-word. I will change the songs with too many of that said in. They make it sound like it is ok to say that. I hate that word, that is so downgrading, for anyone to say that. I look down on people that say that word. I won’t spell it cause it just brings me to that level. I wish that wouldn’t be said in our music. I do listen to music with the N-word in it. I know other words can be in replacing that word. It is not cool to say. if that word could never be said again it would be amazing.

I love holiday music. I love that the music brings people in the holiday mood. When I am cooking Christmas dinner I love listening to Christmas music, it makes me want to cook that Christmas meal. If I cook I need to cook alone only cause I love to dance, and listening to music and people would get in my way. It makes it to where people can actually relax and get family into that Christmas mood. Halloween music is a great one as well. I love that is spooky, it can creep you out. I wish they had thanksgiving music or easter but it is ok.

Well I don’t have much more to talk about on music. If I do come up with some more I will blog again about it.

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