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Live, love, happiness, and not so much!

Live, love, happiness, and not so much!

Well I am sure you have meant at least one person, that are similar to these people I am going to bring up. You will probably put your face into your hands, shaking you head, or laughing. I know I shake my head, then laugh. People will never change.. Well lets start.

I know you know that one person, that talks shit to one person about you, then come talk shit to you about that person, they just told all the shit about you to. It makes me laugh, because people like that are very low. They will always, have what’s coming to them. I see it all the time, usually they live a shitty life, and have nothing better to do. Or they end up alone cause everyone caught on. You can never live a true life acting like that. I Know I vent to my friends, but I never tell them what I wouldn’t say to your face. I know a few people like this person. There are many like this, but everyone will pick up on it. Karma is a bitch!!

Oh and the compulsive liars, these ones make me laugh, cause you will always get caught in a lie. They can’t keep the story straight. Or they always repeat, that one story that is a lie, so you can remember the lie. I know one of those people, I just take what they say with a grain of salt. You can only rely on half of what they say. I am getting to a point in my life, to where I don’t need those people in my life. Why would you want to live your life in a lie? How do you keep friends? These people get so far into it, they ruin their own lifes, themselfs. I don’t want to live life of lies, I rather live life in facts. Keep your eyes open if you don’t think you know that person, you do keep a eye out, and you will find that one person in you life.

What about those straight up people. The people that are so straightforward, that you sit, and think I want this person as my friend. They say things that will make you just sit back and think. They will tell you if it is not pretty, or doesn’t taste good. They don’t hide how they feel of you. Some people have difficulties hanging out with these people. Only because people don’t cause people don’t want to hear, the truth about themselves. Other people might think oh they just think their shit dont stink. These kind of people are hard to like because they are 100. I like these kind of people thought cause I want to really know how people feel. I want to know the truth of how they feel.

My most favorite people, cause this is me lol. Well at least I hope so. The goofball you say things off the wall, not even realize it till people are laughing. Or you buy things cause they are goofy. You run through the store doing stupid goofy things, to where people stop and look and say what the hell are they doing. Or the toy section that is the most amazing section. I love pushing all the buttons, see what cool new toys kids have that I didn’t have, so you need to play with them right. You think they are not getting older, they don’t slow down. You say off the wall shit, one of my favorite things I do is say, Bitch Please, I will do the head swing and everything. My theory is if you are going to say or do something weird you have to do it right. I say shit just to tell a story, and I will say it in a goofy way. I surround myself with people that are goofy, or a little goofy or life would not be fun.

Shy people, I don’t hang out with many or if any shy people. They have trouble opening up to people, very quiet, they are homebodies. They are those people who don’t talk much, won’t just go on there own to meet new people. I am unsure on a whole lot of shy people. So I really have not much to write about this topic.

You could hang out with people that have multiple of these traits or other ones that I didn’t mention. If there are any other traits you would like me to rant about just comment them and I will use comments to make blogs from. I know there are other things a lot more things I can cover on people but we know people like all these I mentioned.

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